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ViTAL Presents:

     Innovation Challenge

February 24, 2024
Northeastern University

About us
​Created by and for undergraduates who are interested in the intersection of healthcare, tech, and business, Husky Health Innovation Challenge (HHIC) was founded in 2018 as the first healthcare focused case competition for undergraduates in the Greater Boston Area. Despite Boston’s rich healthcare ecosystem, healthcare-related case competitions have been overwhelmingly limited to graduate students. Undergraduates bring a fresh perspective to this critical space.

This event is open to ALL undergraduate students in the Boston area, with cash prizes. In teams of three to four, participants will propose innovative digital health solutions to a salient issue in healthcare identified as the topic of our case. Our team is working on creating the 2024 case topic. Stay tuned! The top proposals will be selected to present their solutions to a panel of judges on Pitch Day. 
Frequently asked questions
How much are prizes?
Who can compete?
What is the event format like?
What is this year's theme?
Is this event free?
Are the workshops required?
How are teams made?
Why should I attend?
For this year’s competition, teams are competing for the first place prize of $1000. 
Husky Health Innovation Challenge is open to undergraduate students in the Greater Boston Area. We welcome students of all backgrounds and experience levels to compete. 
The competition has two rounds: all teams will submit first round submissions (date TBD) and after judge review, the top 4 teams (notified TBD) present in front a panel of esteemed judges at Pitch Day. This event includes finalists' presentations, networking session, and a keynote speaker.
This year’s case is in progress. Our team is working hard to create the 2024 case. Stay tuned! The finalists and keynote speaker will educate Pitch Day attendees about this topic. 
Yes. Thanks to our sponsors, this event is completely free to participants. All-day attendees will receive catered lunch and HHIC merchandise!
While attending our workshops is not required to compete, we highly encourage students to come. Our workshops and speaker series have been carefully designed to prepare students from all backgrounds to address this year’s case. Follow @vitalnortheastern on Instagram to learn more about our workshop series.
Teams should be groups of 2-3 undergraduate students. If you don't have a team in mind, no worries -- you can register as an individual and we will play "matchmaker" to create teams to tackle the case.
​Come show off your talent and passion in healthcare, business, and technology for a chance to win cash prizes, swag, and exciting networking opportunities with corporate sponsors from around the Boston area!
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