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FALL 2019

On November 24, 2019, teams competed to provide an improved solution to Personalized Drug Therapy as personalized medicine and drug therapy has become a groundbreaking approach in the medical field.
The Fall 2019 competition was sponsored by Northeastern University's Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Health Sciences Entrepreneurs, IQVIA, and Bayer.

First Place: 

Marc Bacvanski, Chaewon Kim, Jeffrey Wallace & Anthony Yu
The Case
Personalized Drug Therapy for Alzheimer's

Sonke Svenson

sonke svenson.jpg

Our keynote speaker is Sonke Svenson, who is the founder of Drug Delivery Solutions LLC, a consulting company that specializes in providing expertise in drug delivery and formulation challenges. Svenson has 16 years of experience in the biotechnology field and is not only an expert in the management of companies, but also in pharmaceutical innovation and academic publications. He is the co-inventor of 14 patents/patent applications in drug delivery and particle engineering, author/coauthor of 37 publications, and speaker for 44 oral/poster presentations.

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