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ViTAL Presents:


     Innovation Challenge

March 27, 2021

9 AM - 3 PM


about us
​Created by and for Northeastern undergraduates who are interested in the intersection between healthcare, tech, and business, Husky Health Innovation Challenge will be the first healthcare focused case competition for undergraduates in Boston, and realistically the Northeast.
This event is open to ALL undergraduate students and lunch is provided. Undergraduates represent a vast untapped pool of talent that companies should take advantage of. Participants in teams of three to four members will work towards solving a healthcare business case study with the theme of Personalized Drug Therapy and present their solutions in front of a panel of judges on the day of the competition.
9:00AM - 11:30AM
11:30AM - 12:30PM
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Group Presentations
The 2019 case is now available.  Specific instructions on deliverable submission are included in the case.  Deliverables should be emailed to no later than November 23rd at 11:59 PM EST.
2:00PM - 2:10PM
Awards Ceremony
Keynote Speaker
1:30PM - 2:00PM
Keynote Speaker
Sonke Svenson
Our keynote speaker is Sonke Svenson, who is the founder of Drug Delivery Solutions LLC, a consulting company that specializes in providing expertise in drug delivery and formulation challenges. Svenson has 16 years of experience in the biotechnology field and is not only an expert in the management of companies, but also in pharmaceutical innovation and academic publications. He is the co-inventor of 14 patents/patent applications in drug delivery and particle engineering, author/coauthor of 37 publications, and speaker for 44 oral/poster presentations.
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Who can attend?
Is this event free?
What kind of workshops and talks will be offered?
What is this year's theme?
How are teams made?
Why should I attend?
Can I speak at the event?
How do I become a sponsor?
When will applications open?
Husky Health Innovation Challenge is open to all Northeastern undergraduate students of all backgrounds and experience levels - just don’t forget to fill out our application. If you don’t fit this category but would still like to attend, reach out to us and consider coming as a speaker, sponsor, or volunteer!
Yes, we want to welcome everyone at our event and we’re so excited for all that we have in store for you guys!
​One of our core goals is offer a diverse range of learning opportunities so that there’s something for everyone. To that end, our workshops and talks encompass a wide variety of healthcare and business related fields for all different experience levels.
Personalized Drug Therapy
​These days, personalized medicine and drug therapy has become a groundbreaking approach in the medical field. The main objective of personalized drug therapy within medicine is to tailor medical treatments to each individual patient. Personalized medicine using individuals' genomes to provide a tailored drug development
is also experiencing rapid adoption in healthcare practices through pharmacogenomics.
​Teams should be groups of 3-4 Northeastern undergraduate students. If you don't have a team in mind, no worries! We will play "match maker" and place teams with whole rounded backgrounds to tackle the case.
​Come show off your talent and passion in healthcare, business, and technology for a chance to win cash prizes and ample networking opportunities from corporate sponsors around Boston!
If you are a healthcare or business tech professional, professor, or post graduate student, we would love to have you here! Just apply to speak here and we will get in touch with you shortly.
If you are interested in sponsoring us in our mission, we would greatly appreciate your support! Read more about the different sponsorship packages here.
Applications for 2019 are now open! Register for the event here. Follow our social media for more updates.
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